Like all small health facilities, Cedar Brook is trying to balance the benefits of resuming face-to-face clinical services to our clients and patients with the need to keep everyone as safe as possible as the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold.  We will adhere to state, federal and professional guidelines regarding social distancing, building occupancy, and hygiene practices.


Practically speaking, following these guidelines have led us to institute the following measures:


  1. While we will be adopting uniform hygiene measures for the building, each of our clinicians may have specific requirements based on the unique characteristics of their individual practices and schedules.  They will let you know what these requirements are before you come into the office for the first time.

  2. If you have a fever or any other symptoms suggestive of viral infection, or if anyone in your household has a fever or similar symptoms, please do not come to Cedar Brook.  Let your clinician know, and appropriate alternatives will be offered.

  3. We urge all clients and patients to wait in their cars until the time of your appointment.  Some of our clinicians may ask that you wait for their call before you leave your car, some may not.  But coming in early will increase the likelihood of hallway and waiting-room congestion, which is unsafe.

  4. Ideally, only clients and patients should enter the building.  

  5. Everyone entering the building must wear a mask covering nose and mouth.  

  6. Please make use of the hand sanitizers dispersed throughout the building.  We would appreciate you using hand sanitizer immediately after entering the building.

  7. You will notice that most seats in the waiting room have been removed, so we can create six-foot spaces of separation.

  8. Please, if at all possible, plan to avoid use of the Cedar Brook restroom.  If you must use the bathroom, let your clinicians know, so they can unlock the door.

  9. The beverage counter at the end of the hallway is now closed.

  10. Once your appointment is over, please leave the building promptly.  Again, this is to keep hallway congestion to a minimum.


We all hope that Cedar Brook will be able to get back to a more normal mode of operation soon.  Until then, we apologize for the inconveniences, and we would welcome your feedback on how to make your experience better.  But we strongly believe in the wisdom of a “better safe than sorry” approach to our current community challenges.


Thank you for your cooperation, and patience.  And please, everybody, stay well.


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